A Special Announcement
February 2006

To all my visitors and regular readers,

If you've been following the updates at Ebon Musings over the past several months, you may have noticed an increasing proportion of essays dealing with current events instead of or in addition to philosophical topics. This was not entirely deliberate on my part. I originally founded my site to discuss "timeless" issues of philosophy and science, but the more I see the forces of the religious right gaining strength and prominence, the less able I am to stay silent. I could name a dozen examples of this worrisome trend, but if you're a reader of my site, you're probably well aware of them already.

As I said, I became aware that I wanted to address these current issues, to apply the worldview I've developed at length to matters of concern in the real world, but Ebon Musings didn't seem the right place for it. At last I realized what the solution was. Ebon Musings has its place, but some things can't stay in darkness any longer. I think it's long past time for freethought to leave its societally-imposed closet and step out into the light of the sun. With that in mind, allow me to present my new site, Daylight Atheism:


I've long felt there was a dearth of good-quality atheist weblogs, and as with Ebon Musings, when I see a gap, I am driven to try to fill it. Check it out, and if you like what you see (or if you don't), by all means, leave some comments and say so!

I will continue to update Ebon Musings, of course. There are many topics I still want to address that can only be satisfactorily covered in a full-length essay. Daylight Atheism will be an annex to this site, addressing events and topics too short or too ephemeral for me to otherwise to discuss. I envision the two as working together, two halves of a whole.

With the launching of Daylight Atheism, I've embarked on a whole new leg of my journey. I don't yet know where it will take me, but I hope to see you there!


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