Welcome! I'm Adam Lee. This website is a placeholder to collect and organize my writing.

My regular column now appears on OnlySky. I write about atheism, secular humanism, nonreligious parenting, science and technology, books, politics, and assorted other topics that catch my interest. My blog archives from Patheos and Big Think can also be found there.

You may be looking for my Atlas Shrugged review series, or my later review of The Fountainhead. These index pages link to the OnlySky versions, which still need some cleanup.

If you're seeking older material, my longform essays on atheism, evolution and creationism are also here.

Here are some books I've published.

For social media and shorter thoughts, you can find me on Mastodon and TikTok. I have Twitter and Facebook accounts but rarely use them.

If you're looking for anything else that's not covered here, or if you want to correspond in private, you can e-mail me.